Commercial Locksmith Services in Otay 

Business and commercial property owners are looking to improve their lock and security systems. This is because they are looking to protect sensitive documents, valuable assets, and want to ensure the safety of their customers and employees. If you’re a commercial property owner looking for repair, reinstallation, or an upgrade of your security systems, Fradi Locksmith can help. We’ve been providing commercial locksmith services in Otay, CA, to hundreds of satisfied customers.

Commercial Locksmith Services in Otay

Fradi Locksmith has been servicing the Otay neighborhood and its surrounding communities for several years now. We’ve managed to provide superior quality commercial locksmith services using the latest tools, modern technology, and state-of-the-art equipment. Let’s take a look at all the commercial locksmith services in Otay provided by our team of professionals:

1. Lock Repair and Rekeying

Repairing old locks is the most budget-friendly option available for those who don’t want to burn a hole in their pockets while attempting to secure their properties. However, when we perform repairs, we often suggest rekeying the lock systems. Rekeying is also a pocket-friendly option that you can consider instead of replacing old locks.

During rekeying, our team of professionals and locksmith experts in Otay will reconfigure and readjust the cylinders on the locks and make new key copies for the new configurations. This process will ensure your lost or unaccounted for keys are useless for anyone who finds them.


2. Installations and Upgrades

Whether you want us to reinstall the same security system that has outlived its lifespan or upgrade it completely, we can make the process as time and cost-efficient as possible. With the latest digital and smart locks, you can ensure your property is as safe as it can be. Modern technology also offers pick-free locks to add an extra layer of security.

In addition to adding new locks, we can also add CCTVs and an alarm system to help you keep an eye out for break-ins at all times.


3. Electric Striking Devices and Exit Devices

An electric panic device and a secured exit device will ensure your doors are always locked from the outside when shut. Unlocking these doors will require you to open the door from the inside or use a key from the outside. These devices will ensure you and your employees are safe throughout the day.


4. Safe and Cabinet Locks – Locksmith Experts in Otay 

Fradi Locksmith can provide you with commercial safes and cabinet locking systems. These safes can be used to store money or other valuable items. In addition to this, we are also highly capable of repairing, reinstalling, and reconfiguring the locks on safes and cabinets. You can trust us to provide high-quality materials and systems through our commercial locksmith services in Otay.

5. A Lot More!

The following are some other aspects of our commercial locksmith services in Otay, CA:

  • Emergency lockouts
  • Key entry systems
  • Master key setups
  • Control access systems
  • Panic and push bars
  • Pick-resistant locks
Car and home are included in Fradi Locksmith’s locksmith services in Old Town.

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Fradi Locksmith has teams of highly trained and experienced professionals who work 24 hours a day and seven days a week to help our customers in need. In addition to this, we are also fully licensed and insured. So, you can rest assured that our services will be the most efficient and effective services for you. We will also customize our offers to fit your specific needs and budget requirements.

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