Alpine Heights Automotive Locksmith

Just like your property, your car should be safe and secure. Whether your car key broke in the ignition or you left your keys in a locked vehicle, call our experts at Alpine Heights Automotive Locksmith, and we will help you get back on the road in no time.

What Does an Automotive Locksmith Do?

While commercial and residential locksmiths make keys and upgrade your property’s lock systems, our automotive locksmiths at Fradi Professional Locksmith specializes in replacing car keys and unlocking vehicles. Automotive locksmiths don’t only unlock vehicle doors, but they also create new keys, replace locks and develop new keys.


Unlocks Vehicles

How does an automotive locksmith unlock your car’s door without breaking into the vehicle? With extensive experience in the automotive locksmith industry, our experts have dealt with all kinds of vehicle locks. From strategically using a thin piece of metal to unlock the car door to reprogramming the keyless remotes, our experts at Fradi Professional Locksmith will serve your emergency automotive locksmith needs regardless of the time.

Replaces or Duplicates Keys

Generally, an automotive locksmith deals with two types of keys; keys attached to the fob and fob-less keys. The keys attached to a fob or electrical piece are also known as transponder keys. They have a chip integrated into them, which needs to be reprogrammed to grant you access to your vehicle. However, the fob-less keys are pretty simple and not that different from duplicating house keys.

Our experts at Alpine Heights Automotive Locksmiths have the proper knowledge and skills to replace, duplicate or create new keys for your automotive.


Removes Broken Keys

Have you ever experienced your car key breaking off in the ignition? If not, then let us tell you that it’s the most traumatizing experience one has to go through. Car keys can break off due to a sharp turn or a corroding metal surface which leads to the key snapping inside your vehicle’s ignition.

Our automotive locksmith experts at Fradi Professional Locksmith have both the specialized key extraction tools and kits to remove the key without damaging your car.


Alpine Heights Automotive Locksmith

The most lost/misplaced items are car keys, glasses and phones. If you have a hard time locating your car key, contact our experts at Fradi Professional Locksmith to instantly get a new car key. Listed below are some automotive locksmith services provided by us.


Smart Keys and Transponder

Regardless of what type of keys your car uses, our experts will help you unlock the locked door. Transponder keys comprise a metal insert part and an integrated microchip in the plastic key fob. Nowadays, most car manufacturers have shifted to keyless car entry and smart keys as a car default.

Although the dealership might convince you that you can only get a replacement through the original manufacturer, at Alpine Heights automotive locksmith, we have proven them wrong. Our experts have all the tools, skills and knowledge required to get you a duplicate smart key or reprogram the key fob at an affordable price.

Emergency Lockouts

We at Fradi Professional Locksmith understand that getting locked out of your car when you must be somewhere can be nerve-racking and frustrating. You might also feel stranded and helpless. Our experts at Alpine Heights automotive locksmith will help you find a way out of a locked car in no time at all.


Car Key Fob Replacement

Although key fobs are one of man’s most fabulous creations, like everything else, they still have the potential to fail. Whether your car’s key fob has a broken mechanism or needs a new battery, our experts at Fradi Professional Locksmith will fix your problem to keep you moving.

Car key

Get an Automotive Locksmith

Your vehicle’s key plays a vital role in keeping your car moving. A malfunctioning car key will adversely affect your daily errands. Fradi Professional Locksmith’s Alpine Heights automotive locksmith around the clock service will promptly help you find a way out.