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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all locks able to be picked?

When it comes to picking: no, not all locks are able to be picked. Some residential and commercial locks are high-security and pick resistant. However, an experienced locksmith will always know a way in.

How much damage should I expect to my door or car?

Absolutely none. All our locksmiths are licensed and trained. And all good locksmiths should be able to unlock any door without any damages. In fact, we are also insured. For your comfort and ease, we would take care of any damages if they were to happen.

Just with unlocking cars, locksmiths have three trusty methods for getting inside without doing any damage: the slim jim method, the wedge method, and the auto jiggler method. Any professional locksmith can gain entry to any home with normal locks. Keep this in mind before breaking a window.

Do you only accept cash?

No. We actually accept multiple forms of payment, including cash. But we also take most major credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. In addition, you can pay us online through PayPal.

What are some hints that a locksmith is trying to scam me?

Actually, if a locksmithing service only takes cash. We advise that you stay away from them. Because locksmiths commonly deal with emergency lockouts, there are many that try to take advantage of those that are in a vulnerable position. While you should feel comfortable paying with cash or debit, a locksmith that only offers these is likely one that only intends to do a quick and sloppy job.

Secondly, stop a locksmith if you see them about to drill your lock. This is entirely unnecessary. Properly trained locksmiths will know how to get your door open without damaging it.

Lastly, do not fall for too low of prices. A lockpicking job from a licensed locksmith should cost around $100 or more. If a website entices with an unbelievable price, expect the quality of their handiwork to be the same.

When you are locked out of your home or car, you are stressed, emotional, and want to resolve the situation as soon as possible. We believe if you stay calm, you can avoid unintended consequences to clean up afterward and end up resolving the problem faster.

Beyond that, you may be able to tell by their website. Always start with requiring them to be licensed and insured. They should advertise it on their home page. Second, look for referrals from your friends or check with the Better Business Bureau. Look for reviews online and discern if they sound like actual people.

The easiest way to tell if someone is going to be an actual locksmith is whether you got a call center when you dialed the phone. These people are probably working on commission, meaning you only heard their base price over the phone.

Do I need to replace all my locks after losing my keys?

There are two reasons you would need to replace all your locks. First, you lost all sets of the keys to these doors. Second, or you are worried that somebody may have stolen your keys. Without a spare key to make a copy, you can instead set up your locks with a new key. We assure you, though, this sounds like more trouble than it actually is. What we will typically do is rekey your locks rather than replace the whole locking mechanism. Rekeying is a far faster, cheaper, and more convenient process than full lock installations.

How long does it take to install new locks?

The time it takes to change and install a new lock will always depend on what type of lock and door we are working with. Installing the same lock will only take about a half-hour. But for one that still needs to be fitted, we will need a little more time. Your locksmith will always be able to give you a good estimate on the spot.

On the other hand, we always recommend rekeying your locks whenever possible rather than outright replacing them. This is easier, cheaper, and more convenient for everyone. Plus, this method provides the same level of security. To rekey a single lock, it takes around ten to fifteen minutes.

Can you open a safe if I forgot my combination?

Yes, absolutely! Our trained technicians can work with any sort of door, vault, or safe. Your lockout could be from forgetting a passcode, password, or where you put the key. Either way, our professional locksmiths have you covered. They are trained for all locksmithing and lockpicking scenarios. You should be able to access your belongings and reset your combination in no time.

What about the button part of my car keys?

Pro Locksmith can replace and provide a spare for all kinds of vehicle keys, including transponder and smart car keys. Replacing a transponder or smart key requires us to program the new microchip to your car along with the old key insert.

It is important to note that the dealership you got your car from will say you have to replace your keys with them. However, this is simply not true. With the right paperwork, we can set you up with a spare and replacement car key by legal means and for far cheaper than the dealership would have charged you.

Can you really open a door with just the swipe of a credit card?

There is some truth to this often-seen trick. However, such a trick will only work on a lower knob lock with no lower latch guard. So, only the lock on the doorknob itself. Deadbolts and any other high-security locks will require more expertise in picking.