Pro Commercial Locksmith knows the importance of keeping your business safe and secure. All of our licensed and insured technicians have your company’s best interests in mind. We commit ourselves to providing you with the highest quality security. Pro’s commercial locksmith services stay up-to-date in their training and use the best tools in establishing the locks on your company’s building.

Whether it is establishing your office’s locks and keys or getting you back inside in a timely manner. As an emergency locksmith, we know the necessity to be expedient in unlocking an office building. At the same time, an office needs to be secure from all outside threats. Call now and we can be at your door right away or make an appointment at your convenience for any of our other services.

Pro’s Commercial Locksmith Services:

  • Alarm Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Control Access Systems
  • Emergency Lockouts
  • Keycard Entry Systems
  • Lock Installations
  • Lock Repairs
  • Master Key Setups
  • Panic Bars and Push Bars
  • Pick-Resistant Locks
  • Rekeying and Key Duplications

The Importance of a Secure Office

A business needs a greater investment in security than the home. First off, there are far more expensive property inside an office or other industry building than at home. From computers to industrial equipment, everything costs a lot to replace. For this reason, office spaces and other businesses are common targets for burglaries and thefts. Stay ahead of the game by making sure your security system is full proof.

Beyond just property, you are protecting and keeping safe all your employees. Keycard systems and the like make sure only the people that need to be in the building are there. Plus, any locks are there to keep anyone alone, staying and working late, for example. Keeping a secure building is one of the responsibilities of a good employer.

One significant difference between protecting the home and an office is the hours at which they are vacant. During of hours, no one is in the building. It is night, dark, and the entire business district is empty. So your office needs to be as locked up as every other one on the street. And Pro’s professionals do just that.

Our Various Services – 24-hour locksmiths

Pro Commercial Locksmiths work around the clock to provide you any lockpicking or locksmithing-service you may need. We are always on call, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So, if you ever have an emergency, we are at the ready. And otherwise, all of our locksmiths are trained in a wide variety of locksmithing skills. We have you covered, guaranteed.

Commercial Locksmith Services


Keycard systems are becoming increasingly common in businesses. It is an excellent idea to require only those that work in the building to open the doors. This method keeps everyone safe.

Besides that, you can set up an access control system that opens the gate of the corporate office’s parking lot.

Everyone’s cars are safe throughout the day, and everyone that needs access has access. An additional bonus is it can be operated remotely from inside the office.

And clients and customers can communicate with you at the gate to be let in.


In the situation that you need to switch out your workplace’s locks, we have you covered.

This could be that after a security breach, you need to switch to a new key or code. Or perhaps your locks are damaged.

Rekeying is a process that is far more cost effective and more convenient than replacing the entire locking mechanism.

The professionals at Pro Locksmith can get it done fast, so your building is safe and secure once again.


If you find yourself locked out of your office, call (619) 728-9862 immediately. We know how intrusive a lockout can be at the workplace. You cannot get anything done from outside. Plus, if you are supposed to be working with clients, they are being held up to.

Rummaging in your pockets until the realization washes over you can be devastating. You cannot afford to lose time and productivity, people are counting on you, and you just got done braving morning rush hour. Get a hold of us as your 24/7 locksmith. We can get to you at any point in time. And we promise to be there as fast as possible. As long as the Sand Diego area traffic is willing, we will get to you in fifteen minutes.

It could be that the last person leaving left the keys inside. Or maybe your keycard system is malfunctioning. Lastly, your key may have broke inside the lock. Either way, the professional locksmiths at Pro Locksmith are sure to have you inside and getting to work soon.


Many are surprised to learn that there are not actually any licensing regulations and requirements for locksmiths. When it comes down to it, anyone can practice.

On the other hand, there are fifteen states that have licensing boards set up.

Lucky for Californians, we are one of those states. And Pro Locksmith makes sure that all our trained technicians are both licensed and insured.

This way, you can trust their work. Your property is safe with them and covered by us.

Call Pro Commercial Locksmith

So, if you are in need of any of our commercial locksmithing services, then contact Pro Locksmith immediately. As your mobile and 24-hour locksmiths, we can get you out of any unexpected and emergency lockout situations. On top of that, our commercial locksmith services includes install, replace, and fix all kinds of locks. We can set your business up with a top-of-the-line security system. Or we will hook you up with some new spare keys. Pro’s locksmiths are trained in all manner of keys and locks. They are licensed and insured, so you know the job will be of top quality. Get a hold of our expert locksmiths by calling (619) 728-9862.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is keyless entry?

Keyless entry is a method of accessing a building without the need for a traditional key. Instead, keyless entry typically uses a code or biometric scan. In some cases, they can use key cards. These systems integrate seamlessly with security systems and significantly boost the safety of your business.

What is a master key?

A master key or master key system is a method of implementing access control in your business. Certain keys will open certain doors, but the master key will open all doors in the facility. It is a great way to manage what people have access to in what areas of the business. It also increases the safety and security of your property.

Can commercial locks be rekeyed?

Yes. Most commercial lock types can be re-keyed with the right tools and experience from the right locksmith. Contact Pro Locksmith for commercial re-keying services.