Whether you own a car, motorbike, or a truck, you don’t need to call the mechanic if you’re having trouble with its lock and key system or the ignition. Fradi Professional Locksmith has specialized teams that work 24 hours a day and seven days a week, providing automotive locksmith services in Midway for specific tasks. So, the next time you need key duplicates or a car door lock repair, you can give us a call, and we’ll be at your doorstep within minutes!

Why Hire Us?

Fradi Professional Locksmith is a fully certified, licensed, and insured company. We have several years of experience working in San Diego’s popular neighborhoods.

Our teams have access to the latest and the best tools and equipment to provide efficient, safe, and reliable automotive locksmith services in Midway.

So, if you want to have peace of mind while hiring a locksmith for car keys or locks, we’re your best bet.

According to National Insurance Crime Bureau, most cars are stolen when owners are locked out, and they neglect the situation- failing to call a locksmith for cars immediately.

So, if you ever experience a car or trunk lockout, it’s best to contact us for automotive locksmith services in Midway, San Diego, right away.

Automotive Locksmith Services in Midway

In addition to emergency lockout response, we provide the following services in Midway and its nearby communities:

Door Lock Repair and Installation

If you bumped your car while driving, your car door lock might be affected. A faulty door lock can become an inconvenience and cost a lot of time while traveling.

Whether your lock’s cylinder needs to be readjusted or you want to install a new lock of the same type, we can help you with 24/7 automotive services .

Key Duplication and Rekeying

If there’s anything that a lockout emergency teaches a vehicle owner, it’s that keeping key duplicates is beneficial. Fradi Professional Locksmith uses state-of-the-art laser cutting technology to provide legal copies of vehicle keys after copying the key codes.

Additionally, if our customers lose their keys, we suggest rekeying their locks instead of creating duplicates. Through the rekeying procedure, we readjust the cylinder and make new copies of the keys.

Broken Key Extraction

If your key has broken inside the lock or ignition, it’s best not to attempt the extraction process yourself. Doing it yourself can further damage the lock or ignition and lead to costly repairs or, worse, reinstallations.

Contact us for automotive locksmith services in Midway, San Diego, if you need to extract a broken key.

Ignition Repair and Reinstallation

Repairing and reinstallation is a job best suited for a professional locksmith for cars. We have teams of professionals who are trained and experienced in this specific field.

So, whether your ignition needs a minor repair or a full-fledged replacement, we can help you with 24/7 automotive services.

Key Fob and Transponder Services

Key fobs automate the process of locking and unlocking the cars.

However, a faulty key fob can take up a lot of your time and cause frustration. If you’re having trouble with the car key fobs, give us a call, and we’ll help you.

Additionally, we can also repair or install a transponder into your keys.

These transponders enable the driver to start their cars, and they are best if you want to avoid car thefts.

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Car ignition problems can be fixed with automotive locksmith services in Midway