Carmel Mountain Ranch Key Duplication 

Anyone who has ever locked themselves out knows how important a duplicate key is. Fradi Professional Locksmith provides the best Carmel Mountain Ranch key duplication services in town.

About Carmel Mountain Ranch

San Diego has some of the best places to live, and Carmel Mountain Ranch is no exception. This region is home to over 14,000 people and offers a perfect lifestyle for those who enjoy a suburban vibe.

Schools in this region are some of the best in the country, making it attractive for families to move there. The area is excellent for families and offers activities for people of all age groups. Whether you want to take a stroll in a picturesque park or go out to socialize after work, Carmel Mountain Ranch is perfect for you.

Like the rest of San Diego, this region offers great cultural diversity. Additionally, this region is safe and has a low crime rate. However, real estate in this area is almost three times the national average.

Carmel Mountain Ranch Key Duplication Services

At Fradi Professional Locksmith, we know how important a good locksmith is. Our local key duplication services are professional services extend to Carmel Mountain Ranch key duplication. Here are some situations where you might need them.



Having a duplicate car key can be a blessing in disguise. If you ever misplace your original key, the duplicate can save the day.

However, dealerships charge a lumpsum for duplicating your car keys. Fradi Professional Locksmith charges a fraction of what dealerships do for the same service. Our keys are exact replicas of your OEM car key, which means you don’t have to worry about damaging your lock.

Additionally, we reprogram your car’s transponder to match with the new key. By doing so, we ensure that there are no conflicts in your car due to our automotive Carmel Mountain Ranch key duplication services.



There are several commercial settings where a duplicate key may come in handy. Carrying a spare in your office bag is an excellent way to avoid lockouts. Additionally, you might want to share the key with your employees or business partners.

If you need a commercial locksmith, we have your back.


Having a duplicate home key is essential. At some point, you will need a spare key because you either got locked out of your home, lost your key, need to give one to a loved one, or are renting out rooms from your property.

Our Carmel Mountain Ranch key duplication services can help you in all these situations. Many people prefer to keep an extra key in their bag in case they forget theirs at home. Our residential locksmith services extend beyond this to meet all your needs.


Broken or Lost Key – Local Key Duplication Services

Whether you have a broken car, home, or business key, we can help. Our team can extract your key from the lock and duplicate it to ensure a perfect fit. Additionally, if you lost your key and need to continue using that lock temporarily, we can make a new key that fits it.

However, we strongly recommend availing of our rekeying or lock replacement services to stay safe.

A person sharing a house key made during our Carmel Mountain Ranch key duplication services.

The Best Carmel Mountain Ranch Key Duplication Service

If you are looking for the best Carmel Mountain Ranch key duplication service, you have come to the right place. Fradi Professional Locksmith works fast and effectively to deliver the results you need. We are licensed and insured for your peace of mind. Additionally, we operate around the clock so that we can give you the services you need. Call us at (619) 728-9862 to avail of our services.