Pro Locksmith brings years of experience to the table for you to get the best services possible. As expert Carmel Valley car locksmiths, we have seen every situation possible and can handle anything. Our team undergoes rigorous training and uses the best tools in the market to give you the results you expect from us.

About Carmel Valley

Carmel Valley is a beautiful part of San Diego that houses a population of over 54,000 people.

It is rated as one of the best places to live in California and reminds you of more stress-free times.

The area has a suburban vibe and one of the best public school systems in the country.

Most people living in Carmel Valley own their homes; however, the property prices in the area are almost five times higher than the national average.

Overall, the place has a nice, homely vibe to it and is excellent for families. There are many cafes and parks for people to enjoy after work.


We compiled a list of common questions our customers ask us before availing of our Carmel Valley car locksmith services.

How Long Does It Take?

The time we need for a project depends on what you need us to do.

However, Pro Locksmith trains its staff to work fast and trains them for emergency situations.

We have a quick service time and try to reach your location within 15 minutes to start working on the project.

Can My Car Get Damaged?

While the chances of damage are slim because our staff has the relevant credentials, there is always a risk.

There might be external factors that lead to damage, such as the car’s age.

However, we offer 24/7 car lockout services and, we are insured, so you don’t have to worry about us damaging your car.

What Services Do You Offer?

We offer the following services:

Transponder Reprogramming

Modern cars have a transponder that prevents you from starting the car unless your key has the right programming. At times the transponder may malfunction, so we are here to rectify that.

Unlocking Doors

Getting locked out of your car amounts to unimaginable stress levels. If you find yourself locked out, call us at (619) 728-9862, and we’ll help you regain access to your car.

Key Duplication

Having a duplicate key on hand is great for people who often misplace their keys. It is better to invest in key duplication services than be stranded somewhere because you misplaced your key.

We duplicate your key at a fraction of the cost a dealership charges. Our keys are replicas of your original one, so you don’t have to worry about a poor fit.

Why Be Picky About Your Carmel Valley Car Locksmith?

These days, anyone can claim to be a car locksmith. Such people are likely to scam you or damage your car while they work.

Pro Locksmith should be your go-to Carmel Valley car locksmith because we have the right credentials for the job.

We provide 24/7 car lockout services and, we are insured and licensed, so you know that our locksmiths will always do their job professionally.

The team undergoes frequent training sessions to stay updated with the latest trends. Additionally, they use premium tools to reduce the risk of damaging your car.

Pick the Carmel Valley car locksmith with a track record of delivering results by choosing Pro Locksmith.

Broken Key Extraction

Old car keys can break if the locks get stiff. Our team can extract the broken key and duplicate it to get you back on your way.

The Best Carmel Valley Car Locksmith

Pro Locksmith has plenty of customer testimonials to make it one of the best Carmel Valley car locksmiths. Call us any time you need a good locksmith at (619) 728-9862.

A Carmel Valley car locksmith duplicating a key.