Commercial Locksmith Services in Mira Mesa

Whether you own a school, church, office, or mall, being a commercial property owner can be highly stressful. Being a business owner means you’re responsible for the safety of all your employees and customers. However, ensuring efficient security is a job best left in the hands of professional locksmiths. Fradi Professional Locksmith has teams of certified and experienced professionals who can provide all commercial locksmith services in Mira Mesa, San Diego.

Commercial Locksmith Services in Mira Mesa

Whether you want minor repairs or relatively significant security system upgrades, you can rely on us to provide the best commercial locksmith services in Mira Mesa. Our teams work 24 hours a day and seven days a week- all year round- to provide efficient and effective commercial services throughout San Diego’s popular neighborhoods. So, you can call us at any time for the following:

1. Emergency Lockout Response

If you’re locked outside because of lost keys or forgot them inside the property, our team can help you. Our team of professionals can help you access your property without damaging your locks. We can also provide legal key copies after copying the key codes to help you avoid such situations in the future.


2. Broken Key Extraction and Key Duplication

Attempting to extract broken keys from locks can damage the locks and lead to costly repairs or reinstallations. It’s best to call a professional locksmith for help in this case. Our team will help you extract keys and provide key copies using state-of-the-art laser cutting technology.


3. Lock Repair or Lock Installation

If your property’s locks have malfunctioned, gaining access can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming. Depending on your preferences and budget, we can repair your old locks or replace them with new locks of the same type.


4. Cylinder Readjustment and Rekeying

If you’re worried someone has stolen your keys or if you’ve lost them, there’s a budget-friendly solution to this problem. Experts at our company can readjust the lock’s cylinders and change the key codes of your existing lock system. Our team will also provide new key copies for the adjusted cylinder settings.


5. Electric Device Installation

Whether you want to install an electric striking device or a panic/exit door device, you can call us for help. These devices lock the doors from the outside when shut. So, if you’re outside your property, you’ll need to use a key every time upon entering. If you want this added layer of security, our experts will guide you through the process and provide adequate solutions through our commercial locksmith services in Mira Mesa.


6. CCTV and Alarm Installation

As a business owner, you may be required to travel for long hours or even days. Leaving your property unattended can be seen as an opportunity for criminals. Please don’t rely on others to take care of your commercial property’s security system; let us install the best CCTV and alarm system to help you stay updated no matter where you are.

7. Security System Upgrades

Technology is continuously improving, and so are security systems around the world. If you want to replace the traditional lock system with a modern one, we can help. Our teams have gained several years of experience repairing, maintaining, and installing digital or smart locks. So, we can install any model and brand of security systems on your commercial property.


8. Property Inspection and Evaluation

Don’t know which security system you should install? Don’t worry! We can inspect your property and evaluate the lock systems at all access points to provide efficient and reliable solutions. Protecting your property and valuables will be our utmost priority- no matter which professional locksmith service we provide.

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Fradi Professional Locksmith also provides residential and automotive locksmith services in Mira Mesa. We can also help you improve the security system for your drawers, cabinets, safes, and garages. So contact our team now and schedule reliable and efficient commercial locksmith services in Mira Mesa!