If you own a commercial property or a business, you’re probably well aware of the dangers of burglars. Owning a business comes with the responsibility of not only protecting yourself and your property but also your employees and customers. Implementing appropriate security solutions can be an overwhelming task, but you don’t have to do it alone. Whether you want to install a security system or rekey your locks, our team at Pro Locksmith can help.

Commercial Locksmith Services in Linda Vista

Our commercial locksmith services in Linda Vista are the best available. We are able to work within any company’s budget to create effective and long-lasting security solutions that will keep you, your property, and your employees safe. 

Our team of trusted and professional locksmiths works around the clock every day of the week to provide safe and reliable services to business owners in Linda Vista and its nearby communities. 

Why Choose Pro Locksmith? 

We certainly aren’t the only locksmith in Linda Vista. So why choose us above the rest? That’s a great question. Our commitment to quality and affordability are two reasons we are an excellent choice for a commercial locksmith. 

Our reputation is also proof of our reliability. We have many five-star reviews on Google proving the quality of our past work, as well as proper licensing and credentials. All of these things help us stand about from other commercial locksmiths in the area. 

Our Commercial Locksmith Services

Here at Pro Locksmith, we strive to provide every service you might need. Below, we have detailed some of the many ways we can help you.  

Repairing and Replacing Old Locks

All locks have different manufacturing guidelines and thus provide a varying lifespan. However, most locks should last you anywhere between 15 to 20 years with proper care. 

If your locks have broken or reached the end of their lifespan, we’re happy to help. We can repair broken locks and replace aging ones. 

Helping During Lockouts

Many business owners in Linda Vista often face lockouts. This could happen because an employee loses a key or a lock gets jammed. Whatever the reason behind your commercial lockout, we can help. If you’re locked out of your property, call our 24/7 service line for assistance. 

You may also consider asking our professionals to provide you with duplicate keys when calling us during a lockout emergency. This will ensure such lockout situations don’t reoccur if the problem was a lost key. 

Rekeying Locks

Rekeying is a great alternative to lock replacement. Commercial lock replacements are necessary every two years. But if you have a disgruntled keyholder leave the company in-between replacements, rekeying may be better. 

Rekeying is cheaper than lock replacement. That’s why we suggest it in situations where full replacements aren’t necessary. 

Master Key Creation

Are you tired of carrying around a ring with 20 keys on it? It’s hard to find the right key when you need it, and the jangling is annoying, not to mention the weight! 

If you want to eliminate the need to carry so many keys, consider asking for a master key. A master key unlocks multiple doors. That means you only have to carry one key to access all of the rooms in your building.  

Installing Access Control Systems

Lock and key systems are effective, but some businesses need an extra layer of security. That’s where access control systems come in. 

An access control system allows only authorized personnel to enter a building. There are many types of access control systems. Keypad systems and biometric security systems are two popular types. 

Keypad systems require employees to enter a code to enter the building. Biometric systems take retinal, fingerprint, or facial scans to confirm identity. Biometric security systems are the most expensive and secure option.

We’ll help you choose the best form of access control that suits your budget and security needs. We can also help you with installation and maintenance. 

Are You Ready for Our Locksmith Services?

Pro Locksmith is a fully licensed, certified, and insured company, so you don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to our commercial locksmith services in Linda Vista.

Contact us now if you want safe and reliable locksmith services for your business. Our customer service representatives will help you initiate the process of securing your commercial property right away.

Person picking lock can be prevented with commercial locksmith services in Linda Vista.