At Pro Locksmith, we believe you deserve the best security measures to keep your business safe. Our Memorial commercial locksmith services aim to keep you safe and your business prospering.

About Memorial

Memorial is located in southeast San Diego and has an urban vibe to it.

This neighborhood is one of the oldest ones in San Diego, dating back to as early as 1850.

People living in Memorial love it for the proximity to stores and the solid infrastructure it offers.


We put together a list of questions our customers usually ask us when availing of our Memorial commercial locksmith services.

Where Do You Operate?

We operate in all neighborhoods of San Diego.

Are You Expensive?

Our prices are competitive.

However, we maintain a superior service quality despite that. While you may think that attempting a DIY project is cheaper, you need the right tools for the job.

Additionally, you are more likely to break things than an experienced locksmith.

Since we are insured and professional locksmiths for commercial doors, you have nothing to worry about.

By choosing us, you get quality at an unbeatable price. Moreover, when we work on your locks, you can sleep peacefully, knowing that you trusted the right people for the job.

What Are Your Operating Hours?

We operate 24/7 to ensure you are always covered. You can count on us at any time whether you need an automotive, commercial, or residential locksmith.

How Often Should I Change My Locks?

For a business, we recommend changing your locks as frequently as every six months to two years. Businesses with higher attrition rates should change them more often to prevent break-ins.

What Type of Locks Should I Get?

There are many types of locks we can equip your business with. The final decision comes down to your budget and the value of items in your store. While premium locks may seem like a frivolous expense, they can keep your business safe from break-ins.

What Should I Do During a Lockout?

Lockouts from your store can be frustrating. However, all you have to do is call us at (619) 728-9862, and our team will reach your site to help you regain access to your office.

Are Control Access Systems Worth It?

Control Access Systems are foolproof and totally worth the extra initial investment. They don’t wear out as fast as conventional locks and are better at preventing break-ins.

Additionally, it is easier to rekey them than traditional locks.

Why Call a Memorial Commercial Locksmith?

In some cases, people are tempted to try DIY projects on things they shouldn’t. One such example is when you need a commercial locksmith.

While the job seems straightforward, an inexperienced locksmith or attempting a DIY project can damage the lock or door, leading to expensive repair costs.

Pro Locksmith is one of the most trustworthy Memorial commercial locksmiths in town.

We are insured, licensed and professional locksmiths for commercial doors, so you can trust us to do the work properly.

Additionally, we have industry-leading service time. From the moment you call us, we try to reach your location within 15 minutes.

Once we reach the site, we immediately begin working to regain access to your office as soon as possible.

We extensively train our team before sending them out in the field to work on your projects.

Pro Locksmith is the best Memorial commercial locksmith because of our dedication to delivering value for our customers.

The Best Memorial Commercial Locksmith Services

Once you have identified that you need help, don’t settle for anything but the best. Our Memorial commercial locksmith services will surely leave you satisfied and keep you safe. Call us at (619) 728-9862 to avail of our services today!