There are many things you have to manage as a business owner. One of them is the added responsibility to protect your business, employees, and clients at all times. Pro Locksmith has served commercial and residential property owners for several years.

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Commercial Locksmith Services in San Carlos

Whether you want a minor repair and maintenance service or a full-fledged upgrade of the entire security system, we can help you! Our professionals are highly experienced, trained, and certified in their fields. You can rest assured that our services will always exceed your expectations and deliver what’s promised every time. 

Key Duplication

As a business owner, you likely have a lot of doors and, thus, many locks to stay on top of. When you hire a new employee, you have to worry about ensuring they have a key to open and close the business daily. Don’t sweat having to look for key duplication services. Our team of experts can create new keys for you in no time.

Repair, Maintenance, and Installations

Our commercial locksmith services include lock repairs and maintenance of both traditional and modern locks. We are fully equipped with all the necessary tools and knowledge to provide repairs and maintenance for all types of lock systems. In addition, we provide lock installation services to replace the old locks with new ones of the same type and model.

Cylinder Readjustment and Rekeying

Owning a commercial property means dealing with employee turnover. Sometimes, a heated argument between you and your employees can lead to unfortunate circumstances. If you suspect a former employee has stolen a key, changing the security system at all access points is best. However, a complete reinstallation could be a costly process. For this reason, we suggest cylinder readjustments and rekeying to make the service relatively budget-friendly.

Electric Striking Device Installation

We can install an electric striking device if you want an added layer of security on your commercial property during working hours. These devices are always locked from the outside when shut. It will require you to unlock the door from the inside or use a key from the outside. Most commonly, these devices are installed on panic and exit doors.

Emergency Lockouts

Whether your key has broken inside the door lock or you’re locked outside your property with the keys inside, we can help you. Our team works 24 hours a day and seven days a week to respond to all emergencies. Our team will arrive at your location and provide aid in accessing your property as soon as possible.

Cabinet, Drawer, and Safe Lock Installations

In addition to door and window locks, we also provide commercial locksmith services for cabinets, drawers, and safe locks. If required, we can install a highly secured safe or vault. We are familiar with installing specialized locking mechanisms for cabinets, drawers, and safes. You might consider these for critical document and item storage.

CCTV and Alarm Installations

Your business may require you to travel from time to time, and while having a trustworthy team of employees is essential, that’s not the only thing you need to feel secure. Installing a security camera and alarm will keep you updated on all the happenings on your commercial property while you’re away. These security measures will also help in identifying individuals in case of theft.

Security System Upgrade

Do you want to replace the standard, traditional locks on your business with digital or smart locks? We can help you! We will provide you with several options based on your budget and preferences when installing a new security system on your commercial property. Our commercial locksmith services in San Carlos include repairing and maintaining digital and smart locks, regardless of brand or model.

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