Workplace security does not end at the front door. Some rooms are accessible only to authorized personnel, and you might even have a key to your own office. However, you probably never considered the importance of securing your file cabinet. Whether you use these cabinets to stay organized or store sensitive information, you might one day find yourself in need of cabinet locksmith services. 

While not often discussed, file cabinet locksmith services are a vital specialty in the world of commercial locksmithing. Now that you know this service exists, you probably have a lot of questions about what it entails. Continue reading this blog to become acquainted with file cabinet locksmith services. 

4 Essential File Cabinet Locksmith Services 

If you’re wondering when you might need a file cabinet locksmith, whether file cabinet keys can be replaced, or whether different locks can be installed on file cabinets, you’ve come to the right place. Read about four vital services locksmiths provide for file cabinets. 

1. File Cabinet Key Replacement 

If you’re familiar with file cabinet keys, you know how small they are and how easily they can slip through your fingers. When replacing this key, you might first reach out to the manufacturer to see if they can send you a replacement copy. However, you may not always be able to reach the manufacturer, in which case you can rely on a file cabinet locksmith to come to your aid. The locksmith will usually be able to make a new file cabinet key with a mold of the lock. 

2. File Cabinet Lockpicking 

Do you need to access important documents or information? Are you unable to gain said access due to losing the file cabinet key or having a malfunctioning file cabinet lock? These are scenarios where you can trust your locksmiths to pick open a file cabinet lock. First, they will assess the type of locking system used for your file cabinet before selecting the appropriate picking tools. They will only resort to prying open the cabinet door if non-destructive methods prove futile. 

3. File-Locking Bar Installation 

Does your file cabinet not have a locking mechanism? Will you sleep easily at night knowing your documents are safe after hours? Luckily, installation is included among these essential file cabinet locksmith services. The mechanism most commonly installed for file cabinets is a file-locking bar. This device can secure multiple cabinets at once. It consists of a steel bar that folds over the latch, which is then secured by a padlock to keep others from opening your cabinets when you’re not around. You can ask a locksmith for guidance in finding the best quality padlock to secure your new file-locking bar. 

4. File Cabinet Lock Replacement Or Upgrades

Finally, replacement and upgrade services are also provided by file cabinet locksmiths. Whether your file cabinet lock is broken or damaged, you can trust a professional locksmith to know which lock cams are compatible and determine the right cylinder dimensions. As for upgrades, you can change your file cabinet lock to an electronic one. If you think an electronic lock will make a significant difference to your workplace security, consult a locksmith regarding the next steps as soon as possible. 

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Thanks to this blog, you have a new understanding of file cabinet locksmith services and how they can make your workplace safer. From key replacement to lockpicking and even file cabinet lock installation and replacement, you know when exactly you can seek out these services. If you live in San Diego, you want to know which locksmith company you can trust to secure your commercial property. Luckily, you can contact us today at Pro Locksmith for our extensive commercial locksmith services.