How do you feel about your home? Likely, just thinking about it gives you the warm fuzzies inside. Homes are more than just buildings. They contain millions of precious memories, and they provide safety and security like no other place. That is why many property owners are so invested in keeping their dwellings safe. The last thing any homeowner wants is to be the victim of a burglar or robber. However, sometimes, in attempting to keep their homes safe, people create security problems. People also do this when they neglect safety measures and do not invest enough in home security. Learn about common home security problems and how to prevent them in our blog. 

1. Putting Up Fake Cameras and Security Signs 

Security systems are an excellent deterrent against criminals. That is, these systems are effective when they are real. Oftentimes, homeowners cheap out and decide they don’t want to invest in an actual security system. However, they still want the benefits of having one. This leads them to install fake cameras and security signs around their properties, hoping to ward off burglars without spending much money. But burglars are malicious, not stupid. Most criminals are smart enough to spot the difference between fake equipment and real products. Thus, you are making yourself more of a target by having glaringly fake security equipment on your property. Avoid common security problems like this to protect yourself! 

2. Hiding Spare Keys Around Home 

This is one of the most common security problems that we see. Hiding spare keys is a common practice, so many people do not realize what a bad idea it is. After all, nearly everyone else does it. Why shouldn’t you? Well, there is one good reason why you shouldn’t hide spare keys around your home: Experienced burglars are likely to find them. There are no hiding places outdoors that are particularly unique. Whether you choose the mailbox, the door jamb, the garden, the shed, or the garage, leaving keys out makes your home vulnerable. A determined burglar is almost always sure to locate them and use them for an easy break-in. 

A man in a suit protects a small wooden houses with his hands, representing someone preventing home security problems.

3. Announcing That You Are Going on Vacation 

Did you know that oftentimes, burglars are not complete strangers? Oftentimes, they are acquaintances, coworkers, or neighbors that learn about your schedule and when you will be out of the house. If you are connected with any of these individuals on social media and you post about your upcoming vacation, you are announcing a list of specific days that your home will be vacant. That is why we suggest never talking about your vacation until you get back. Wait to tell everyone about it and post pictures when you are safely home and there to guard your property. 

4. Leaving Your Home Looking Vacant While You Are Away 

It’s inevitable that your home will not necessarily look lived-in while you are away on a business trip or on vacation. However, there are things you can do to prevent it from looking obviously vacant while you are away. It’s best to ask the post office to put a hold on your mail for the time you’ll be gone or have a neighbor pick it up every day. Additionally, hire someone to keep the grass trimmed and the yard attended to. Finally, consider asking somebody to housesit as a deterrent for thieves. 

5. Keeping Broken Or Old Locks On Your Property

If you have broken or old locks on your property, it is a tempting invitation to burglars. Broken locks do not even have to be bypassed. All a thief needs to do is walk right in. Old locks do not present much of a challenge easier. Outdated hardware is easy to pick, bump, or break. Thus, it is important to change the keys on your locks every seven years at a minimum. Additionally, make sure that you pair knob and lever locks with a deadbolt for added security. 

We Can Help With Common Security Problems! 

Many homeowners have one or more of the common security problems on their property for years without realizing it. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your home vulnerable. Our locksmiths can make sure that you have the proper security measures around your dwelling to prevent burglary. Contact Pro Locksmith today for assistance!