Sliding windows are a popular type of window style in residential homes. They aren’t too difficult to operate and give your home a sleek look and feel. On the flip side, they also require more security due to the sliding function. If you happen to have sliding windows in your home, take time to check out some locks for sliding windows. For the purposes of this blog, here are just five of the most highly recommended locks for sliding windows.

1. Pin Locks

The first of the five locks for sliding windows being examined in this blog is the pin lock. This type of sliding window lock just consists of placing a single pin in a compartment by the window frame that, in turn, keeps the window from sliding open. This lock is easy to use; installation only requires some screws and a drill. Pin locks also work with many kinds of windows, including casement windows.

2. Keyed Locks

Keyed locks are another one of the most commonly used locks for sliding windows. Because this kind of sliding window lock requires a key, it’s considered one of the more secure and effective options for window security. While there is a visible keyhole outside, the mechanisms themselves are hidden.

As a result, windows with keyed locks can only be locked and unlocked from the inside. Of all the locks for sliding windows, keyed locks are perfect if you want maximum security for your home and are confident in your ability to keep track of the keys. If you misplace or break those keys, you can always reach out to a locksmith service for assistance.

keyed locks for sliding windows

3. Bar Locks

Bar locks work by getting in the way of the path, or track, of the sliding window. They are easy to install and difficult to remove without the proper equipment. These locks for sliding windows are great for keeping out cold air in winter and can serve as a child-safety lock if you have small, curious kids.

That said, bar locks that are visible from the outside can diminish the value of your home. That’s because most people who see bar locks on a home assume the neighborhood is unsafe. Whether or not you use this sliding window lock comes down to if you plan to prioritize safety or resale value.

bar locks for sliding windows

4. Foot Bolts

Sliding window locks at the bottom of the frame are called foot bolts. These locks are used for large sliding windows that double as doors. If you happen to have this particular window-door hybrid in your home, foot bolts are worth considering. These locks work by having a step-on bolt at the bottom of the interior frame.

5. Handle Locks

Finally, handle locks for sliding windows should also be considered for your home. As the name indicates, this means installing a lock that comes with a handle on your window. It might even serve as an additional locking mechanism for your sliding windows. The handles themselves can also be customized to fit the interior style of your home if you still want something aesthetically pleasing for your windows.

Keep Your Windows Secure With Pro Locksmith!

Any of these five locks for sliding windows will surely do the job of keeping your home safe. The way you choose your locks depends on the windows you have and what makes the most sense for your home. Regardless of the type of sliding window lock you choose, there might come a time when you’ll have difficulty opening it or find that the locking mechanism isn’t working properly. When that happens, you can reach out to our locksmiths at Pro Locksmith!