Most people put all of their security focus into their homes. When they’re away on vacation, all they can think about is whether their residence is safe with them gone. That’s all well and good. It’s important to invest in the safety and security of your home. However, have you ever thought about the safety and security of your hotel room while traveling? Hotel crimes are underrated and not often talked about phenomena. This is due mainly to a lack of data. Many hotel crimes go unreported because hotel liability is a convoluted area of law that varies between states and countries. Plus, hotels want to avoid notoriety and go through a lot of trouble to prevent the media and police from crawling over their premises. But there is no need to fear staying in hotels as long as you take some precautions. Here are 5 security products for hotel stays to protect yourself and your valuables: 

Door Wedge

Door wedges are not technically security products, but they can function as such. Yes, we’re talking about those little rubber triangles you see holding doors open in buildings. If your hotel door opens inward (and most do), you can insert the thin part of the wedge under your door, then tap it into place. This makes it hard for untrustworthy hotel employees or petty thieves from getting inside. You’ll want to purchase a door wedge with velcro strips to prevent it from sliding on carpet. This is a cheap, simple product with invaluable safety benefits. 

Lock Locker

The Lock Locker is used to secure deadbolts. We suggest purchasing one to protect yourself while at home and while traveling. This two-piece device slides over your doorknob and locked deadbolt then screws into place to prevent the deadbolt from turning. It protects you against criminals who have copies of keys or a lockpicking kit, and it’s so easy to install. 

A hotel hallway where the guests are using security products for hotel stays

Travel Alarm 

A travel alarm is another simple but effective way to deter thieves. There are a few different versions of the travel alarm. However, the most common type attaches to your door handle. Two metal prongs slip in between the door jamb and frame. When a would-be thief opens the door, the prongs come apart, causing a shrill alarm to sound. These nifty devices work on inward and outward opening doors, making them a worthy investment. The sudden sound alone is usually enough to scare off any intruders. 

Portable Door Lock

If your door doesn’t have a deadbolt, no need to worry. The Lock Locker isn’t the only way you can secure your room. Portable door locks have a metal piece that slides into your strike plate and a second attachment that slips over the metal to prevent the door from opening. These only work on inward opening doors, so we suggest bringing both a portable lock and a travel alarm with you just to be safe. 

Travel Safe 

We’ve prioritized devices that keep you safe first. However, your possessions are important too, so we want to mention a safety product to keep your valuables protected. Travel safes are thin, cut-proof, and attach to a secure object such as an exposed plumbing tube or your bed frame. Hotel safes are vulnerable to dishonest hotel workers and petty thieves, so it’s better to bring your own.

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