There comes a point where you need to replace your car key battery. It would be rare for a car to use a key with no electronics nowadays. Every type of car key in use today has some sort of electronic and battery operation. There are transponder keys that are for the older models with both the traditional metal key with teeth and has the plastic key fob with buttons. There are also keyless entry cars and smart keys. These keys still need electronics to wirelessly signal and open your car for you.5 Steps to Replace Your Car Key Battery

All this is to say that car keys use a battery, and everything with a battery will need to eventually have it replaced. Luckily, car keys use a watch battery. Their lifetimes are quite long, and many people go through their car’s lifespan without needing to go through a replacement. However, most people reach a point where the blinking red light grows faint, and the key requires them to be much closer and press the button multiple times to unlock your car. This is the point where you want to replace your battery. Otherwise, you risk being out and about when it finally runs out.

You can try replacing your car key’s battery yourself, or you can quickly have it done at your car dealership or through a professional locksmith. If you decide to do it yourself, here are some quick and easy steps to get it done:

Find the Notch to Open the Fob

The first step is going to be to get the plastic fob part of the key open. That is where all the electronics and the battery is. It is the trickiest part; it is meant to be tightly sealed to remain waterproof and protect the circuits. Sometimes, though, they leave a small gap at the top. You can take advantage of this. On most, you need to get under the edge of the seal that runs the length of the key fob.

Use a Screwdriver

The easiest way to about opening the key fob is to use a screwdriver. People might be tempted to use their nails, but they may not be long enough, could be too thick to get in between the pieces, or might scratch or break in the process. Instead, get under the crease with a screwdriver and use its leverage to pop it open.

Use the Same Battery Type

As previously stated, your car key fob uses a watch battery. These give off a small, continuous output and are meant to last a long time, just like with a watch. However, there are still different types of watch batteries. Simply look at the markings and find one that matches the size and voltage label.Car Key Battery

Replace the Car Key Fob Battery

From there, everything is quick and easy. You might have to pop it out with your finger, but it could be as easy as turning it over and letting it fall out. Then, place the new one, paying attention to the label on the inside of the fob of which way it goes.

Close the Plastic Fob

After replacing the battery, the last step is just to put the fob back together. It is simple to just snap it shut. Once you line up and overlay the pieces, apply constant pressure till it snaps in place. Be careful not to crack the plastic.

Contact Your Professional Locksmiths

If you want the process even easier or safer, your local locksmith can quickly handle such a job. Pro Locksmiths would definitely be happy to take care of it for you and make sure that your plastic fob is not at risk of snapping into pieces. We also do key duplication in case you need extra copies of what you have. For a professional mobile locksmith to replace your car key fob battery, call us at (619) 728-9862.