Home security should be a top priority for families. After all, in an emergency situation, it’s important to make sure every member of the household knows what to do. Everyone has a special role to play in keeping the home safe and secure, even children. We highly recommend you talk to your children about security as soon as they can understand its importance. When you teach them at a young age, playing a part in home security will feel natural. Start with these top six security tips to teach children. 

1. Know the Inside and Out of Your Security System 

It’s important for your child to know how the home security system works. At first, you can just include them when using the security system to get them comfortable. From there, you can start teaching them how to use it. Teach them how to arm and disarm the system when they come home from school. Also, be sure to show them how to press the emergency button or all 9-1-1 if something happens. 

2. Always Lock the Door 

Locking the door is an easy security measure children can learn. If your children leave for school when you’re not home, you can teach them to lock the door behind them. The same goes for when they come home. Make this a consistent habit, and soon you won’t have to remind them to do it anymore. 

3. Be Careful With Keys 

Having a house key is a big responsibility. While sometimes it’s necessary to give your children a key to get inside after school, you shouldn’t take this lightly. If your child loses a key, you may have to go through the hassle of getting a new one or rekeying the locks. Before you let your child take on this responsibility, ensure you have a serious talk with them about the importance of keeping track of the key. Then secure their key to a lanyard or a big keychain that’s hard to lose. Make sure to have them always put it in the same place to reduce the risk of loss.

A child gets a key after his parents show him security tips to teach children 

4. Never Give Out Personal Information 

It’s easy for predators and thieves to target children for personal information. You should teach your child never to give out personal information such as their address, garage door code, phone number, or school schedule. On top of that, it’s important to remind children not to talk to strangers. Kids are naturally friendly and talkative, and that’s wonderful. But they have to know that there is a time and a place for such behavior. 

5. Don’t Leave Expensive Toys Out 

Teaching your children to be responsible with their toys is another great way to teach them about security. Explain that they should never leave toys like electric scooters and bikes out in the open and unattended. Teach them to store their outdoor toys in the garage before coming inside, even if it’s just for a minute. This will not only help teach your children to be aware of their surroundings, but it will also prevent burglars from being attracted to your house because of seeing expensive toys in your yard. 

6. Don’t Open the Door For Strangers

This is one of the most important things you can teach your children. Many types of criminals will knock on your door, from burglars to kidnappers. Burglars often pose as tradesmen, salespeople, or even religious workers to get inside your home. They might also pose as joggers who need a drink of water or who want to use your restroom. Because it’s hard to tell a stranger’s intentions, it’s best to teach your kids to stay put when someone knocks on the door. You should also tell them to have the phone ready in case they need to call 9-1-1. 

Don’t Emphasize Fear 

When you’re teaching your children, remember that they might feel overwhelmed by all the information you’re sharing with them. They may get frightened because of the sudden realization that there are people in the world who might want to hurt them or steal from their home. While it’s important that you teach your children about safety and security, remember to offer reassurance and have them understand that the information you’re sharing is for a hypothetical scenario that might never happen. Try not to use fear and anxiety as tools to emphasize the importance of your teaching. Kids have big imaginations, and they have a way of internalizing stress that could turn into nightmares and other forms of anxiety. 

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