Locks are a wonderful way to protect your home or business. Human beings have relied on them for thousands of years to protect their properties, and we will likely continue relying on them for a long time to come. Since the first few iterations of locks in ancient times, many improvements and changes have been made to perfect the technology. There is now a wide variety of door locks available on the market, and that can make it overwhelming when you’re trying to choose the right one for your property. Thankfully, we’re here to help you learn about several different types of door locks and whether they are a good option for your home or business. Continue reading to learn more! 

1. Knob Locks

Likely, you’ve seen many knob locks in your lifetime. They are common in residential entry doors as well as throughout homes, though some businesses use these types of locks as well. But though they are common, knob locks are also one of the least secure options if you are looking for maximum protection. To make knob locks safer and more secure, it is best to pair them with a deadbolt approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Deadbolts rated 1 or 2 on the ANSI scale are safe to use in conjunction with a knob lock. 

2. Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolts have, well, a bolt. This bolt goes out of or into a strike plate, which has a hole in it. When both your deadbolt and strike plate are high quality, you can rest in comfort knowing that your home is protected against a burglar kicking your door in or picking your lock. Deadbolts are commonly paired with other locks, such as knob and lever locks. They are excellent for both residential and commercial use. 

3. Padlocks

Padlocks are a wonderful way to protect parts of your property. Typically, they are used on outbuildings and fences. Padlocks are perfect for the first line of defense against burglars for commercial properties. They are also helpful for protecting parts of your home, such as your shed. 

A commercial lock, one of the different types of locks

4. Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are commonly used in commercial settings because they offer high security. They work similarly to deadbolts. When you install a mortise lock, you have to cut a “pocket” or hole into the doorframe opposite. Then, the mortise lock’s moving mechanism fits into the pocket when it is engaged. This helps strengthen doors against criminals kicking them in. These locks are also difficult to tamper with. 

5. Smart Locks

Today, everything seems to be “smart.” We have smartphones, smart watches, and smart remotes. So why not have smart locks too? Smart locks, unlike their traditional counterparts, operate using an internet connection or batteries. Many models connect with an app on your phone. That way, you can monitor your property remotely, as well as lock and unlock the door from wherever you are. 

6. Cylindrical Lever Locks 

Cylindrical lever locks are used in both commercial and residential properties. They are commonly used for exterior doors, and they work in the same way as a deadbolt. However, they are not as secure as deadbolts. Thus, this is not the most secure option if you are looking to protect your property from burglars and other property criminals. 

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