Do you worry about your home’s security? It is perfectly natural to feel apprehensive when the news, movies, and TV shows are all full of crime. You’re exposed to violence and delinquent behavior frequently through media. Even when you’re watching something fictional, it can still make you feel paranoid. After all, horror movies don’t stop being scary once they’re over. You’re likely imagining ghosts or monsters around every corner. The same concept goes for thrillers, where criminals break into homes and harm individuals. But don’t worry. There is no need to be paranoid. You can keep your home safe with a little bit of knowledge and effort. Check out our blog about seven home security tips to protect yourself and your property from malicious individuals! 

Home Security Tips to Keep Your Property Safe

Are you ready to learn how to keep yourself safe from burglars? We’re ready to teach you. Here are seven home security tips to discourage burglars and other criminals from targeting you: 

1. Invest In Outdoor Cameras

No criminal wants to be seen. That is why bad guys usually strike when they feel they can enter and escape a property without being noticed. That is why the first thing you should do when trying to deter criminals is install outdoor cameras on your property. Put them in obvious places where they can’t be missed. Once a burglar or other intruder catches a glimpse of them, they are sure to pass over your home as a target. 

2. Keep Your Property Well-Lit

If criminals don’t want to be seen, you can be assured they avoid areas with too much lighting. That is why burglars often target abandoned or ill-kept properties. The more lighting you have around your home, the less likely a criminal will want to target you. It is too risky to commit a crime while being spotlighted for the entire neighborhood to see. 

A woman uses her knowledge of home security tips to arm her alarm and increase security.

3. Purchase Strong Locks

The hardware you use to protect your home plays a big role in preventing criminals from gaining access. When you purchase high-security locks from reputable brands, you can feel confident that they are less vulnerable to burglary techniques like bumping and picking. Always choose locks that are rated between one and two by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and choose a professional for installation. 

4. Secure Your Windows

Doors aren’t the only common access point for burglars. Windows can act as entry points as well. Thus, you should make sure that they are secure. Good ways to protect your windows include installing security film, getting a secondary lock, and using window-break alarms. Remember, the harder it is for a burglar to get through an entry point without being seen or heard, the more likely they are to give up. 

5. Don’t Advertise Your Valuables

One of the best things you can do to avoid burglary is keeping your valuables out of sight. If you have a massive television and surround-sound speakers, you should ensure that no one can get a glimpse of them through the window. If you have a safe full of valuables, keep it out of plain sight. When you purchase electronics and other tempting items, always fold the packaging inside out and conceal it when you throw it away. All of these precautions will prevent a burglar from choosing you as a target. 

6. Tone Down Your Landscaping

Did you know that your landscaping may attract burglars? That may sound strange, but it’s true. Large bushes, trees, and displays provide cover. Burglars often hide among your landscaping elements to get to access points unseen. Thus, you should always take a minimalist approach to landscaping. Don’t do anything too big or over-the-top. 

7. Stop Hiding Spare Keys

Hiding spare keys is a bad habit. It may seem like a perfectly normal and reasonable thing to do. However, this habit is a big security risk. There are no hiding places around your yard where a burglar isn’t going to be able to find. Mailboxes, door jambs, fake rocks, and flower pots aren’t fooling any smart criminal. Don’t give a burglar easy access to your home. Keep your keys where they belong—inside! 

Need Help Implementing Home Security Tips? 

Securing your home against burglars isn’t always easy. You may leave vulnerable spots in your home’s security, or you don’t feel comfortable DIYing solutions. Whatever the reason you are in need of assistance, rely on the team at Pro Locksmith. We can increase your home security. Contact us today and implement these value home security tips to protect your property from criminals!