Your business is one of your most valuable assets. As such, you naturally want to keep your business safe and secure from intruders. While it can seem overwhelming at first, developing a security plan is far from impossible. All you need is a little patience, time, and knowledge. Learn how to prevent commercial theft with these seven tips: 

1. Change Codes When Employees Leave

Changing the entry codes that allow you to access your business is a necessary step when employees leave, whether they’ve gone on good terms or not. You never want to leave any chance for temptation. Many crimes are crimes of opportunity. People see an easy way to profit, and they take it without much thought. Even upstanding individuals can fall prey to bad decision-making in the right circumstances. Thus, you should take extra precautions, even if it seems overkill. Make sure to change the combination of any safes your ex-employee had access to as well. 

2. Be Careful With Keys 

Unfortunately, you can’t trust people not to copy keys, even when you’ve expressly told them not to. And if you’re one of those business owners who think they’re safe because they handed out keys stamped “Do Not Duplicate,” we’ve got news for you. It’s not illegal to copy these keys. Most locksmiths are happy to do so, and few will turn anyone down who comes in with a “Do Not Duplicate” key. If you’ve had a keyholder leave the company, it’s smart to rekey your locks. Once again, better safe than sorry. 

3. Make Sure Your Business’s Exterior is Well-Lit 

Most burglars are intent on getting in and out of a target quickly without being seen. Because of that, they avoid well-lit areas. By placing floodlights around your building, you can make your property a less high-value target. 

4. Reconsider Your Landscaping 

Tall, lush shrubbery is aesthetically pleasing. You see beautiful landscaping around many business places, and there’s no denying that well-kept outdoor features really lone an air of sophistication to your business. Unfortunately, this type of landscaping also provides a hiding place for thieves. It’s better to keep landscaping simple so you won’t make it easy for burglars to sneak inside your business. 

A burglar breaks into a business because the owner didn't know how to prevent commercial theft

5. Invest In a Quality Security System 

Security systems are a great deterrent for thieves. Burglars rely on speed, and their goal is to get in and out of businesses as quickly as possible. That’s why they avoid places with alarms. Investing in a quality security system and placing stickers advertising your provider everywhere will make a commercial break-in less likely. Purchase a security system with cameras for the best protection. 

6. Perform Thorough Background Checks

Did you know businesses in the United States lose up to 110 million dollars a day because of employee theft? Sadly, you can’t always trust people to represent themselves truthfully. Before you hire anyone, make sure to perform a thorough background check. It might take a little extra time and effort, but it will be worth it. The last thing you want to do is hire someone who will steal from your company. 

7. Learn About Crime Rates In Your Area 

One of the best ways to prevent commercial theft is by acquainting yourself with local crime rates and statistics. Read news articles about the type of crime you’re trying to prevent and figure out how extreme you need to get with security measures. If burglary rates around your area are low, you can take small steps to improve security such as an access control system. If you’re in a high-crime area, you’ll want to make sure you implement multiple security measures in a layered protection plan. 

We’ll Keep Your Business Secure! 

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