Your business is too important to skimp on commercial security. After all, you put a lot of work into ensuring operations run smoothly and profits stay up. It would be a shame if all that hard work gets undone by criminal activity. A simple lock-and-key system is often not enough to prevent theft from intruders or employees. We suggest using a combination of access control and other security measures to ensure your property stays safe. Check out our guide to commercial access control

What Is Access Control? 

Access control is a type of security system that involves electronic authorization. For employees to enter certain rooms, they have to enter a password, swipe a keycard, or perform some other action to gain entry. This is an effective way to keep unauthorized individuals out of high-security areas like managerial offices, computer rooms, and storage spaces full of unsold merchandise. Access control is a better option than a lock-and-key system, as your rooms won’t be vulnerable to lock bumping or picking, common tactics used by thieves. Keep your business safe and choose this high-security measure instead of a plain lock-and-key system! 

3 Types of Access Control Systems

When choosing an access control system, you have several options to choose from. There are different types of access control systems, each with their own unique features. Which you go with for your business depends on your needs. Here are 3 types of commercial access control systems: 

Key Fob/Key Card Systems 

Key fob and key card systems are one of the most common types of access control, and they work well for gated communities, apartment complexes, and small to medium-sized businesses. To gain entrance using one of these systems, you hold your key fob or key card up to a reader. Key fobs usually have a special chip that sends a wireless signal to the reader. Key cards need to be swiped. 

Keypad Systems 

Keypad systems are simple and straightforward. You don’t need to carry anything with you. All you do is enter a pin into the keypad, and you’re through! A keypad system is great when you just want a little more peace of mind, but you don’t need anything more intricate or overly expensive. 

A woman uses a commercial access control system to get into a secure room

Biometric Access Control Systems

Biometric access control systems are the most secure options out there. That’s because these systems require not only a code but a biological scan as well before granting access. There are many types of biological scans you can use, such as fingerprint and iris scans. Some biometric access control systems also use facial recognition technology, either 2D or 3D. 

Costs of Commercial Access Control Systems

The cost of commercial access control systems varies greatly depending on how many entrances you need it for and what type of system you choose. They cost anywhere between $500–10,000 per door. Biometric access control systems are the most expensive, so you might want to go with a cheaper option if you aren’t a business with higher-than-average security needs. Schools, hospitals, and government buildings benefit most from biometric security. That being said, any business can benefit from higher security, so you don’t have to shy away from biometric technology if you can afford it. 

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