Your front door lock is one of the first things guests will see when they visit your home. Like any element of home design, front door locks can also indicate your sense of style and personality. Of course, a front door lock isn’t going to last forever and will eventually need to be replaced. The question, however, is how to change a front door lock. Luckily, you will learn exactly how to change a front door lock in this blog. 

Why Change A Front Door Lock?

Before we can get into how to change a front door lock, we need to answer your first question: why change a front door lock? The reasons you might change your front door lock can be related to such matters as security, durability, and even aesthetics. The most likely reasons you might find yourself wanting to change your front door lock are as follows: 

1. Your Home Is Being Remodeled/Your Tastes Have Changed

When your tastes in style change, you want your home to reflect that. In order to show off your new tastes, you might invest in a home remodeling project. During the course of this remodeling project, you might find yourself considering changing the appearance of your doors, which will include the locks. For this reason, you might decide to change your front door lock to match your newfound sense of style better. 

2. Someone Damaged Your Front Door Lock During An Attempted Break-In

Sometimes, a robber or burglar will use extreme measures to break into your home, and your front door lock could be a casualty. If your front door lock is severely damaged or broken, then you need to get it replaced as soon as possible. In case you find yourself experiencing a long wait time for your new front door lock, consult a locksmith about how you can keep your home secure in the meantime. 

3. Your Front Door Lock Is Rusty Or At The End Of Its Life

Front door locks don’t last forever and will eventually succumb to the passage of time. Your front door lock will start showing signs of aging when it requires more effort than usual to operate them. Rust on your front door lock will also keep it from functioning the way it did before. Whether it’s rust or it’s been a decade since installation, these are two reasons to change your front door lock. 

How To Change A Front Door Lock 

Now that you know what can cause front door locks to stop working we can, it’s time to look at how to change a front door lock step-by-step. 

1. Take The Necessary Measurements For The Replacement 

Before ordering your new front door lock, you want to ensure that you obtain the correct measurements. Without accurate measurements, you will likely encounter problems during the installation of your new front door lock. By obtaining the necessary measurements first, you will avoid any issues when the time comes to install your new front door lock. 

2. Order The Replacement Front Door Lock 

Upon obtaining the necessary measurements for your replacement front door lock, place the order for the new one as soon as possible. Try to determine who the previous supplier was of your old front door lock and see if they are still in business and or selling the kind of front door lock you are looking for. If you plan to use a different supplier, make sure to research one that is reputable and reliable. 

3. Remove The Old Door Lock System

As soon as your new front door lock arrives, you can officially change the front door lock. The first step will be to unscrew the interior and exterior sides of the lock and remove them. This step will be followed by removing the latch, deadbolt, faceplate, strike plate, and hardware. Once all these old parts are removed, you can organize the replacement components for your new front door lock and begin installing them. 

4. Install Your New Front Door Lock

 Now that the old components of your previous front door lock have been removed, you can proceed to install your new front door lock. First, you will need to install the new latch, deadbolt, and faceplate. Then you will install the hardware, followed by the strike plate. Ensure that the screws are not overtight and that any excess debris is removed before installing these parts. 

how to change a front door lock

5. Test Your New Front Door Lock 

Finally, once your new front door lock is installed, test it out to see if it works. You can test out your new front door lock by opening the door from the inside, then the outside. If anything feels loose, adjust accordingly. Otherwise, if it feels smooth and tight when in motion, your new front door lock is in excellent shape. 

Our Locksmiths Know How To Change A Front Door Lock!

Now that you know how to change a front door lock, you’ll be able to go about replacing your front door lock with little to no issue. However, we strongly recommend leaving this process in the hands of a professional locksmith. Luckily our locksmiths at Pro Locksmith know how to change a front door lock, so contact us today and get started!