Technology can be complicated at times. Although it brings many benefits, without the right guidance, things can be confusing. The same applies to digital door locks. These locks don’t operate like your traditional door lock. They don’t require a key and can be unlocked with either a code, a finger, or a key fob.

One common complication many digital door lock owners run into is difficulty changing their lock’s code. Thankfully, this blog will provide you with the guidance you need to make this process as quick and easy as possible. Learn how to change the code on a digital door lock below to get started.

What Is A Digital Door Lock

For those new to digital door locks, it is not an overly complicated device, at least not on the surface level. A digital door lock doesn’t require a key for users to gain access. Instead, there are other alternatives to ensure the latch or bolt unlocks and locks the door. These alternatives include PIN codes, fingerprints, RFIDs, and more. Digital door locks are more economical than traditional locks and can provide such features as an alarm system and the ability to control your locks from your smartphone.

How To Change The Code On A Digital Door Lock

With a digital door lock, you aren’t required to use a key anymore. You can easily gain access to your home with a PIN code. However, when it comes time to change this code, for whatever reason, you might find yourself running into a wall. No worries, with the steps below, you will learn how to change the code on a digital door lock with ease.

Step One – Remove The Lock

To get started, you will need to remove the locks from your door.  While every digital door lock is different, the internal handle will most likely have two screws, which need to be removed. After removing the digital lock from the door, turn the keypad downward. You can remove the backplate by unscrewing the two screws there.

Step Two – Remove Red Chips

Once the backplate has been removed, you will see that each hole has a blue or red metal chip. The blue chips do not match your code, but the red chips do. You will take out each red chip once you have determined the desired combination. To do this, carefully remove the chips from the hole with a pair of tweezers and set them on a table in the meantime.

Step Three – Designate Chip Placement

Now is the time to replace each blue chip that is in the numbered spot for the new code you’ve decided. Each red chip has a square cutout on one side; when inserted into the designated numbered hole, make sure this side is facing the outside door lock. After inserting each red chip, fill the remaining holes with blue chips.

Step Four – Put Together

Now that each chip is where they need to be for your new code, it’s time to put everything back together. First, place the backplate back on, and be careful to make sure the springs are inserted properly into each hole. Once you’ve screwed the plate back on, test the keypad multiple times to ensure that your code is working. After that, refit your door handle and keypad.

How To Change The Code On A Digital Door Lock

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