When it comes to installing something, we could all use a little help, whether you’re installing a toiler, an oven, or even a digital door lock. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a digital door lock or already have one, the installation process could initially seem daunting.

You may find this to be especially true if you’ve never even installed a conventional lock before. However, we’d like to demonstrate how to install digital door lock in this blog post. Learn more about digital locks and what they have to offer by reading the information below.

What Is Digital Front Door Lock

We are all familiar with a mechanical lock. With this lock, we use a key to enter our house, place of business, and many other locations. However, some of us aren’t very good at keeping track of our keys. This is one of the many reasons why digital front door locks are so important.

Most digital locks do not require a key to provide you with access. Instead, you can use a PIN code, your fingerprints, RFIDs, and much more. Digital front door locks offer many unique features, making locking and unlocking doors very convenient. With this, you won’t have to be concerned about forgetting to lock your door anymore.

Benefits Of A Digital Door Lock

There are many reasons why people replace their old locks with digital door locks. But we can’t waste your time going on about every single one. Instead, we will showcase two benefits of having a digital door lock below.


Digital door locks are incredibly convenient. You can use your phone to lock and unlock your doors and you don’t have to give each member of the family a key. Instead, you can assign them passcodes. Furthermore, digital door locks also integrate with your smart home, linking all of your devices and simplifying your home security.


Another reason why people look into getting a digital door lock is because of the added security. Normal deadbolt locks are excellent, but if you misplace a key, your house is no longer secure. A built-in alarm system and even a surveillance system that you can access from your phone will be ideal. Thankfully, digital door locks feature all this and more.

How To Install Digital Door Lock

Now that you are more familiar with what this lock has to offer, you can learn how to install digital door lock. This lock can be installed similarly to a traditional lock, but there are some things to keep in mind.

First, Remove the old hardware from your door. When installing your new lock, you will notice the lock has the words “top” and “bottom” engraved on it for easier installation. After that, mount the keypad outside the door and insert the cables through the door’s opposite end.

Place the backplate on the other side of the door and attach the wires to hold the keypad in place. Once you connect the two ends, attach the device’s back end and screw them into the door. Finally, put your batteries into the lock if your lock requires them, and it’ll be ready to set up your code. Each digital door lock has a different way of setting up a code, so read your manual carefully.

How To Install Digital Door Lock

Call Pro Locksmith

At the end of the day, keeping your home and family safe is all that matters. Learning how to install digital door lock is the perfect way to provide your home with the security it needs. When you’re done with the installation process, you can always call the Pro Locksmith to ensure your locks remain in tip-top shape.