Windows are present in every home. They allow natural light to enter any room and, when open, can bring in some much-needed fresh air. However, some windows come with locking mechanisms, which means they require unlocking. Knowing how to open a locked window isn’t just a matter of whether or not you get fresh air into your home. It can also be a matter of life and death. By reading this blog, you will learn how to open a locked window and why knowing how to do this is important.

Why Learn How To Open A Locked Window?

If there’s a sudden disaster like a fire or flood, exiting through your front door or garage may not always be an option. For this reason, it’s important to know how to open a locked window to help yourself and your loved ones safely get out of danger. While most window-locking mechanisms are unique from one another, there are still some strategies you can use to open them.

How To Open A Locked Window

With your new understanding of the importance of knowing how to open a locked window, you can now start exploring the different ways to do it. Check out these three ways to open a locked window below.

Use A Screwdriver Or Knife

The first method of how to open a locked window is to use a screwdriver. Using a screwdriver makes the most sense if you’re trying to open a locked casement window from outside. You will place the screwdriver near the latch at the closest gap between the window and the frame. You’ll then move the screwdriver in a way to pry open the window.

If you don’t have access to a screwdriver, you can also use a putty knife or a butter knife to open a locked casement window from the outside. The steps when using a knife are the same as those when using a screwdriver. That said, keep in mind that using a knife or screwdriver will likely result in scratches and some mild damage.

how to open a locked window screwdriver or knife

Remove Window Screen

When it comes to determining how to open a locked window, removing the window screen is one of the more creative approaches. This method is most appropriate to use if you don’t have access to the window latch. For this approach, you’ll need a flathead screwdriver to pry up the tabs securing the screen. Once all the tabs are up, gently and carefully remove the window screen, and then unlock the window from the other side. Exercise just as much caution when reinstalling the window screen afterward.

Use A Hacksaw Blade

What if you have a sliding window that’s locked? The good news is that the hacksaw blade method is perfect for this type of locked window. You just need to place the hacksaw blade near the latch by the track of the window. Then, you’ll move the saw in a back-and-forth motion until the window opens.

how to open a locked window hacksaw

Secure Your Windows With Help From A Locksmith!

There are many ways to approach how to open a locked window beyond the ones you just read about in this blog. But maybe you aren’t trying to figure out how to open a window. What if you’re trying to think of ways to make your windows more secure? Luckily, there are many ways to secure your windows with help from a locksmith service. If you live in Houston, you have the privilege of being able to reach out to ASAP Locksmith. Whether you’re trying to keep your window secure or replace old locks, you can contact us anytime for the best locksmith service in Houston.