You’re probably here because you’re familiar with the expert work Pro Locksmith provides. We can duplicate your key, replace your car key, and even help rekey your home locks. However, if you feel like you can accomplish the latter by yourself, we want to give you a proper guide. In this blog, we will show you how to get out of your lockout pickle and create a more secure home. Continue reading to enhance your safety and get the help you need as soon as possible.

What Is Rekeying?

Rekeying allows you to change the key that opens your lock while keeping the same physical lock in place. This service can come in handy if you have a new roommate, a recent break-up, or lost your keys. This method differs from replacing all your locks and provides a cost-effective and efficient solution. It will save you money and time, making rekeying a practical choice for various situations.

How To Rekey Home Locks

Now, let’s get to the fun part. Learning how to rekey home locks is not as difficult as you might think, and with a little patience, you will be the master of your home security. After gathering your tools, such as a key decoder, a plug follower, a variety of pins, and, of course, your new key, you can proceed as follows:

Remove the Doorknob or Deadbolt

To get started, you must remove the doorknob or deadbolt. So unscrew whichever is necessary from your door so you can gain access to the lock cylinder. This is a necessary step to disassemble the lock and access the components inside.

Take Out the Cylinder Plug

With either the doorknob or deadbolt removed, use the key decoder to remove the retaining clip. The retaining clip is crucial for holding the cylinder plug in place, but with this removed, you can easily take out the cylinder plug. Now, this is where the magic happens.

Remove the Existing Pins

Your lock is made up of pins that align with the cuts on your key. You want to replace the existing pins with a new set that corresponds to the new key you’ll be using. To do this, empty the existing pins from the plug by gently tapping and shaking the cylinder. Then replace them with the new pins that match the cuts of your new key. This step is crucial for ensuring the new key operates the lock smoothly.

Reassemble the Lock

Once you’ve replaced the pins, it’ll be time to put everything back together. Just be sure that the pins, springs, and plug are correctly aligned while doing so. You can use the plug follower to ensure the reassembly process is as smooth as can be.

Test Your New Key

Now, it’s time to test out the new key. Insert it into the lock and turn it to make sure the lock opens smoothly. If it works flawlessly, you can celebrate your new rekeying skills.

Rekey Home Locks

Elevate Your Security With The Maestros

Learning these steps on how to rekey home locks can be an empowering feat. With this knowledge, you gain a valuable skill that can enhance your home security and save you time and money. But there are times when calling in the professionals just makes sense. If you’re dealing with high-security locks or complex systems, our team at Pro Locksmith is ready to assist you. We’re your reliable partners in securing your home, ensuring every aspect of your security is at its best. Give us a call, and we will not only rekey your locks but also provide you with countless other locksmith services.