A good locksmith team knows their way around any lock and key accident, from a malfunctioning lock to a suddenly broken key. If your key breaks while inside the lock, that can make you feel stuck or helpless to reach the other side of the door in question. Whether you’re trying to push the door down or find yourself frozen in a panic, the first thing you need to do is stop and take a breath. 

After doing that, you need to seek out key extraction services. In other words, you must find a way to remove the broken keypiece from inside the lock. However, you might be contemplating whether to retrieve the broken key yourself or reach out to a professional locksmith. Let’s take a look at what DIY and professional key extraction services entail. 

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Key Extraction Services: DIY vs. Professional 

Both DIY and professional key extraction services are appealing in their own ways. These approaches are also different in terms of what you can expect. Keep reading to learn what distinguishes the DIY and professional routes: 

DIY Key Extraction Services: What To Expect 

If you’re thinking of taking the DIY approach to removing that piece of your broken key, you’re in luck: there are plenty of DIY extraction methods at your disposal. Some notable DIY key extraction methods include but are not limited to using tweezers, pliers, super glue, paper or hair clips, bobby pins, and many others. However, with this abundance of options comes the inevitable trial and error. You might find yourself spending more time testing different methods than actually retrieving the broken key. You could also accidentally further damage your lock, which will make the necessary lock repairs an additional cost alongside the broken key extraction. 

The Perks of Professional Key Extraction Services 

As you’ve just read, there are just as many risks as there are rewards to DIY key extraction. Professional broken key extraction services, on the other hand, can be completed efficiently and effectively. Access to specialized key extraction tools and prior training give the professional approach a major advantage in this respect. Lubricant to loosen the broken piece and a broken key extractor tool are two vital items in a locksmith’s toolbelt for this service. You will also save money by having a locksmith successfully extract the broken key right away. 

But Why Did My Keys Break In The First Place?

While knowing about the advantages of professional key extraction services over attempting a DIY retrieval is valuable, you’re probably wondering why your key broke at all. The first culprit could be the soft material of your key that made it prone to breaking. The next suspect could be wear and tear on the key and/or lock, followed by putting too much pressure on the key while turning it. Finally, if you haven’t been lubricating your door lock, you have created the ideal conditions for your key to break, so start maintaining your locks if you want to avoid this situation. 

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Call Pro Locksmith For The Best Key Extraction Services In San Diego!

Having your key suddenly break inside the lock while opening a door can make for a very unpleasant surprise. The good news is that you can use your own skills to extract the broken key or call an emergency locksmith service to retrieve it and create a new copy on the spot. As for which locksmith service you should rely on for this job in San Diego, Pro Locksmith is here for you, day and night. All you need to do is contact us today so that you can regain control of your locks and keys in no time.