There are many security measures that are simple but ultimately effective in what they do. Take, for example, padlocks and combination locks. These devices are simple and straightforward in their use, but they continue to do their job well even in the present day. From personal safes to school lockers, these locks continue to be reliable security measures in both residential and commercial spaces. There are many interesting facts about these two types of locks that you can learn all about by reading this blog. 

Padlocks And Combination Locks: Traditional Yet Reliable Security Measures 

To understand how padlocks and combination locks became so prevalent, it is first important to understand their origins. The earliest version of a padlock known in history came from the Roman Empire, where iron locks with metal bolts were commonplace. After spreading through China and Europe over the centuries, these locks would take their modern form during the Industrial Revolution, around the same time Linus Yale, Jr. perfected the combination lock. Of course, you probably have some questions about padlocks and combination locks that we are more than happy to answer in this blog: 

How Are Padlocks And Combination Locks Different From Each Other? 

To some people, padlocks and combination locks are interchangeable when that is not always the case. Some padlocks include a combination, but others require a small key. In some situations, these keyed padlocks are considered more secure than their combination lock counterparts. This security is due to the fact that a combination lock can be cracked with patience and random chance, though the said security is dependent on the circumstances. 

Are There Different Kinds Of Combination Locks? 

Yes, there are different types of combination locks to choose from on the market. The most familiar one is the rotary combination lock found in school lockers that use a three-digit code. There are also padlock combination locks that utilize four or five-digit codes. Some experts say that combination locks with codes consisting of four or more digits are equal in security to high-security biometric lock systems. 

How Do Padlocks And Combination Locks Work? 

Now, you’re probably wondering how exactly padlocks and combination locks work. Any lock that utilizes a combination includes one or more wheels with numerical dials. Each numerical dial is connected to a pin or other internal locking mechanism. When each dial is turned to the correct number, the pin disengages, so when the correct sequence is complete, the latch will release, opening the lock. There are some discrepancies between the single and multi-dial combination locks. For instance, the single-dial combination lock uses a  wheel pack, while padlock combination locks with multiple dials use multiple wheels

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We hope this blog has provided you with lots of fascinating insight into padlocks and combination locks. You now know that these locks have origins dating back to ancient times, are found in both residential and commercial contexts, and have differences in how exactly they work. Whether you have lost track of a padlock key or are having difficulty cracking a safe code, you can rely on your local locksmith to help you regain access to whatever you are trying to keep safe. 

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