Accidents like fires and gas leaks have been common occurrences in commercial buildings since the late 19th century. Although modern safety standards and sophisticated systems contribute to safer workplaces, there is still a risk factor at play. Regulations and guidelines today ensure that most commercial locations have appropriate emergency protocols. While some of these are expensive, others like panic or push bars are cost-effective.

Push or panic bars are simple tools for safety and precaution. You must have come across the spring-loaded arm in your office building or other commercial spaces. They run horizontally across the door. Press on them, and the door swings outward. The purpose of these bars is to ensure that a door can only open from the inside. However, these devices are also productive in emergencies allowing easier exit from the building.

Here are a host of reasons why installing push bars in a commercial building is vital;

Better Emergency Exit Strategy

In a situation where everyone is panicking, push bars offer a strategy where you use the least effort. These bars also follow logical escape routes on exit doors. As people run, it is easier for them to push a door out as they go. Making effort in pulling or sliding a door can cause panic to rise. Another effect is also significantly more time is taken during evacuations. With push bars, commercial properties can have vastly more effective exit strategies. This is especially true in case of emergencies.

Security for Unauthorized Entry

One crucial advantage of push bars is that they restrict entry without authorization. Most doors with push bars lock automatically. This process ensures no one can enter the door from the other side. One result of this is to mitigate the risk of burglaries. It is a security feature that commercial buildings need. What’s more, is that the locking mechanism is not one to tamper with. A push bar is more effective with other state-of-the-art measures. Still, it can work brilliantly on its own.

Push Bar on Glass Door

Regulatory Compliance

Depending on the area in which you live, building regulations can apply. Codes like The Life Safety Code (NFPA 101) and International Building Code (IBC) mandate push or panic bar installation. Other countries or states may not make push bar installation necessary but regulate other appropriate measures. These guidelines can include educating office workers about the use of push bars. Additionally, exit routes and other relevant specifications mention push bars in them.

Having these devices in place can allow building owners to observe compliance with regulations. Although the safety of life and property is paramount, an adequate security protocol has other benefits too. From an overall safer environment to more elaborate precautions against unauthorized entry, simple push bars can make a lot of difference.

Improving Overall Building Security

Everyone appreciates a safe workplace. Knowing that a building has efficient safety protocols can put people at ease. A secure commercial building is home to productive workforces. The cases of accidents in commercial spaces have risen recently. People, in general, rely on security measures to feel safer about the place where they work. A simple addition like a push or panic bar can make the environment less risky. The accidental vulnerability of space can decrease many folds with these basic devices.

Reliability with Affordability

Push and panic bars are cost-effective. The installation also costs less. At the same time, they are extremely reliable. Push bars can last long periods with proper maintenance. Taking care of these locking mechanisms is also part of security guidelines in many places. These locking mechanisms can make a lot of difference in commercial buildings. It is imperative to incorporate their use in emergency exits of a building because it matters.

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