A broken lock is a giant weak point for anyone’s home and domain. Many people underestimate what their locks do for the safety and security of them, their family, and their property. Despite the obvious risks a malfunctioning lock poses, plenty will take the time to ignore the problem and do without a door lock for far too long. People try to put off replacing or fixing the lock, hoping it could work out as an unnecessary expense.

While the concerns broken locks present appear obvious, there are actually plenty of risks beyond the surface. In this blog post, we at Pro will go through only some of the reasons people need to take these risks more seriously.

The Home’s First Line of Defense

Of course, the first concern anyone should have with a broken lock is self-evident and the one anyone already has in mind. Without locks, your home is open to anyone that walks by. Whether it is burglars, assailants, or any other criminal, your door lock is your fortress’ outermost wall defending your castle. A lockless door has them coming in like the owner of the house themselves. They have no need to look for another point of entry and, therefore, no deterrent.

Evidence of a Break-In

Now, we can get to the less thought of advantages to a working lock. A smart burglar will go through the door whenever they can. A broken window can set off alarms and be plain as day from the street. Thus, they will do their best to disable your lock. Even if it is done with force, no one will notice the broken lock till they walk up to the door.

However, that is the benefit to you. If you come home to a broken or damaged lock, you have evidence of a break-in. It could be that the criminal is still inside, in which case it is unsafe to go inside. Wait outside. From there, walk away and call the police and then a locksmith for repairs. With already malfunctioning locks, you will have no warning in the case of a break-in or burglary.

If there is no danger and you notice your locks are damaged but still engaged, then you know an attempt has been made. After knowing your house has been targeted for burglary, you have the chance to replace all your locks with a high-security deadbolt model.

Door Damage

Using a door with a damaged lock will damage the door itself over time. The continual use of a misaligned or warped lock with the opening, closing, and holding shut of the door will damage its hardware, wood, hinges, and all. A lock replacement can prevent a full front door replacement.

Key Damage

Similarly, keys can erode over time when using them on a damaged lock. Except, in this case, the warping tends to go much faster. Having to force in or jerk the key around to get the door unlocked is undoubtedly bending the key. In one of the worst-case scenarios, the key can break inside the keyhole, making both unusable and likely locking you out of your home.


Either door or key damage can result in a lockout. Forcing a door open or closed or asking a broken lock to hold it closed means slowly but surely knocking it off its alignment with the opening. While we feel safe tolerating a fidgety lock as long as we can get it open each time, the day it does not give to brute force or even finesse means a lockout. Replacing your locks in your free time, before that day comes, means preventing such a stressful disaster.

Here at Pro Locksmith, we have the tools and expertise to get your home, business, or car secure and safe again. Whether you are walking up to your home to find your lock forced or have been tolerating an iffy lock for a while now, do not hesitate to call upon our emergency locksmith services. Call  (619) 728-9862, and we can be out there to fix, replace, and secure.