We take security seriously in our everyday lives. We have passwords on our electronic devices, security camera doorbells on our front doors, and security questions for our banking logins. If you own a business, it’s time you invest in a security system for your place of business. 

Commercial door buzzer systems are an excellent way to secure your business. With a carefully monitored system that comes in a variety of forms, door buzzer systems allow you to admit visitors or delivery carriers into your place of business with ease. Let’s go over the uses for a commercial door buzzer system and a few need-to-know aspects of what this security feature has to offer. 

So, What Is a Commercial Door Buzzer System?

Generally speaking, door buzzer systems consist of technology on the outside and technology on the inside that is linked together to service those entering your business. All are implemented with a microphone and speaker so they can state their name and business and you can let them in. The indoor hardware will have an admittance button that allows you to buzz in the caller. 

This probably sounds familiar, especially if you have ever seen a movie or television show from the 90s, lived in an apartment building, or visited a hospital. But the door buzzer systems back then have improved over the years. If you choose this form of security for your commercial business, you can choose to get systems that offer cameras, corresponding mobile apps, and cloud software that allow you to monitor your security system on the go. 

How Much Does a Door Buzzer System Cost?

Depending on how high-tech of a door buzzer system you’re looking for, the price range is anywhere from $1,000 to $7,000. This entirely depends on how intelligent of a system you are looking for, as well as how many consoles you require. This price is also not dependent on any installation costs and will depend on the locksmith service you choose. 

Furthermore, some door buzzer systems come with manufacturer service fees. These can cost you monthly or annually, depending on how the service operates. 

What Kinds of Commercial Door Buzzer Systems Are Out There?

What level of security you require and your budget will determine what type of door buzzer you choose. Overall, there are three types of door buzzer systems you should consider: 

Door Buzzer System With Access Reader

This entry system allows visitors to use some sort of access credential, like a key card or key fob. They simply hold up the item to the access reader and it grants them access. Only users with this item will be able to enter. This system is simple as it does not require someone on the inside to allow the visitor inside. 

Door Buzzer System With Access Reader

Door Buzzer System With a Camera

Nowadays, people want to verify with their own eyes their security system is doing its job. With home security options like the Ring Video Doorbell, users are able to see who is at their front door. This type of commercial door buzzer system is very similar. Instead of using a speaker like most door buzzer systems are known for, this involves a video call that allows the visitor to communicate with the user on the inside. This gives some users peace of mind to see who is requesting access.

Door Buzzer System With a Camera

Source: Safe and Sound Security

Door Buzzer System With Smartphone-Enabled Entry

This is perhaps the most technologically advanced and thorough commercial door buzzer system available. By utilizing a mobile app on the user’s phone, visitors give a video call and open the door themselves. This option can also involve cloud software that allows the user to monitor their security system remotely. 

Why Choose a Commercial Door Buzzer System Over Other Security Systems?

If you are still not convinced a door buzzer system is for you, then let’s summarize the main reasons why this security system is the best out there for your business.

Additional Security

Of the many types of door buzzer systems available, each offers added security that a regular lock and key do not. Commercial door buzzer systems minimize the risk of break-ins or unwanted visitors.

Additional Convenience

With this system implemented, you can monitor your security system anywhere. The simplicity of having the system right at your fingertips with the use of a mobile app is incredibly appealing for business owners. 

Additional Efficiency

No matter how high-tech a system you choose, there is no denying that each offers greater efficiency than what other systems on the market offer. With the push of a button, the ease of a video call, or the credentials of a key card, admittance is simpler and more regulated than no security at all. 

Smart Lock

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