You may be in need of smart lock installation after you have purchased smart locks. Smart locks are an excellent way you can improve your home’s safety, security, and even convenience. With these types of locks growing in popularity amongst homeowners, it is important you have them installed the right way.

At the same time, you should know when upgrading the smart locks is necessary. Pro Locksmith can assist you in upgrading your locks, so you feel safer and more secure. We will also detail the many different features associated with smart locks that may entice you to upgrade sooner rather than later.

What are Smart Locks?

For those that are not sure, smart locks are advanced locks that connect to wireless internet networks or Bluetooth devices. Smart locks have exploded in the security industry because of how much more secure they are and the added convenience.

Many smart locks connect to smart devices like your phone, Alexa device, or Google Assistant. Many homeowners are moving toward smart home options, which is the process of automating and centralizing your home systems. These systems could be your AC, blinds, lighting, and of course, security.

Above all, smart locks offer greater protection than other lock types. Pin tumbler locks are the most common type of locks in the United States and the world. Unfortunately, pin tumbler locks fail homeowners constantly since they can easily be manipulated. Most smart locks are tamper-proof, and some even feature built-in alarms.

smart lock installation

Why You Need Smart Lock Installation

Not every smart lock is easy to install. Many smart locks feature complex installation systems that can be hard to understand. Additionally, not all of the instructions are easy for new users. If you’ve used smart locks in the past, the installation process should be familiar.

However, first-timers may run into a few road bumps on the way. That is why it is important you hire a professional locksmith for the job. Pro Locksmith offers professional residential locksmith services for those looking to upgrade their home’s locks.

Our technicians work closely with clients to install the locks they want on their homes. We also assist clients in choosing the right locks for their homes. If you haven’t made the switch but want some assistance, our team can help in that regard. A technician can walk you through the many options you have. Yale, Schlage, and August produce some of the best smart locks available.

Of course, we know you may have lock features you desire. In that case, our team will help you find the right lock for your home.

Popular Smart Lock Features

There are many popular smart lock features such as keypads, connectivity to a voice assistant, and is tamper-proof. That said, not all smart locks are created equally. You can take advantage of a lot of features, even though you may not know of all of them. Below, you can find a list of just a few options you can consider.

  • built-in alarm
  • keypad
  • biometric lock
  • two-way voice communication
  • built-in camera
  • traditional key option
  • rekey capabilities
  • renter-friendly options
  • and more!

The type of smart lock you choose is solely up to you. Whichever you choose, our team will work directly with you to install it and ensure it meets your demands.

Call for Smart Lock Installation

Pro Locksmith is dedicated to helping homeowners and residents live safer and more secure lives. Let us help with your smart lock installation needs. We will install your smart locks professionally so you can feel safe in your home. Give us a call today at 619-728-9862. A technician will discuss the details about smart locks and move from there. Visit our residential locksmith service page for more details about our services. We want to assist you in your smart lock installation in the Greater San Diego Area.