Quite often, homeowners take measures to hide their valuables from burglars. Unfortunately, they don’t take the correct precautions. In fact, in most cases, the measures homeowners take to hide their valuables actually make them easier for burglars to find! That’s because most people choose cliched hiding spots where criminals are sure to check first. Don’t make the same mistakes many others have made before you. These are the top 10 places where not to hide valuables

1. Drawers

Drawers are by far the worst place to hide valuables, though it is the number one choice for most homeowners. Burglars are well aware most people hide valuables in this spot, and they’ll check drawers before anywhere else. Do yourself a favor: Keep cash, jewels, and important documents away from this obvious hiding spot. 

2. Beds

Once again, this is a spot burglars will check first. It doesn’t matter where in or around your bed you hide your valuables. Whether your precious items are underneath the bed, in the mattress, or under the mattress, a criminal will find them with ease. 

3. Closets

What, closets, too?! Yes, unfortunately. It might seem like a closet is a more complicated hiding spot because of the number of clothes stuffed inside. However, burglars don’t have any problems rummaging through. Remember, stealing is something burglars do often. This is a skill they’ve perfected. They likely have a lot of practice rummaging through closets similar to yours, and the challenge of checking for valuables amongst numerous items won’t deter them.

4. Toilet Tanks

At one time, toilet tanks were an uncommon hiding place. That’s changed. Movies popularized this hiding spot, doing thieves a favor. From then on, burglars learned to check toilet tanks for valuables. Thanks, movies! 

5. Vases and Pots

Once again, this is an obvious hiding place. Most burglars are going to think to check vases and pots. Besides, remember how easy it is to access these hiding places. Burglars rely on speed. All of the places we’ve mentioned so far do not provide any challenges or the need for thought. The only way to stop a burglar is by making them pause. If a burglar has to stop and think, they’ll move on. It’s that simple. Provide a challenge for them that will make them hesitate.  

A burglar rummages through drawers, which is one of the top places where not to hide valuables

6. Fridges

Your fridge isn’t a good hiding place for valuables, either. We know this spot seems clever, and we’re sorry to break it to you, but most burglars do rummage through the fridge. Sometimes it’s because they’re trying to find prescription medication to sell; other times, they’re looking for emergency cash. More people hide valuables in the fridge than you might think, so this isn’t a unique or safe option.

7. Laundry Baskets

The thought of rummaging through somebody else’s dirty laundry might disgust you, and that’s understandable. Because you think dirty laundry is gross, you naturally assume a burglar considers it the same way. Well, that isn’t true. Burglars won’t hesitate to rummage through your laundry basket to find valuables. 

8. Bags

It’s convenient to keep cash in your backpack or purse for when you’re out traveling. Sadly, however, this is also a convenient place for burglars to look. Don’t store any of your valuables in unused bags, unless you store them in an unlikely place like the attic. 

9. Pantries

Just like burglars will check the fridge, they’ll also give the pantry a once-over. If you thought placing your gold Rolex in a cereal box was a good idea, it isn’t. A burglar will shake it out within seconds and stroll out of your home wearing your high-end timepiece. 

10. Ovens

There are multiple reasons why an oven is a bad place to store valuables. First, it takes only a second to open your oven. Second, your oven is basically an empty void. If there are any valuables inside, they’ll be easy to spot right off the bat. Third, you or a member of your family may forget to take the valuables out and preheat the oven. Yikes. Roasted family heirloom wasn’t on the menu, was it? 

Safes Aren’t Full-Proof, Either!

You might have gotten to the end of this blog and thought, “Ha! I’m doing pretty well. I didn’t hide my valuables in any of these places. I have a safe.” Well, we’ve got bad news for you. Safes aren’t a full-proof way to hide your valuables, either. If you have your safe out in the open, it won’t deter a burglar. Instead, it will attract one because it means you own something that’s worth keeping locked up. But wait, what about the time it will take to crack the safe? That won’t be a problem if you have a portable safe. A burglar will take the safe with them to crack later on when there isn’t a time crunch. If you’re going to use a safe, make sure it is hidden and/or built-in. 

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