Traveling is an awesome way to expand your horizons, get a taste of other cultures, and have fun. Most people suggest traveling abroad at least once in your life because of the experience. And while the team at Pro Locksmith agrees that traveling is an amazing way to grow as an individual and get inspired, we do want to caution you against taking a trip without being prepared to keep yourself and your possessions safe and secure. When you get ready to visit another country (or state), use these six travel safety tips: 

1. Do Not Announce Your Trip on Social Media

These days, it seems everyone posts everything on social media. Unfortunately, this trend has led to a lot of safety and security issues. You should never post your whereabouts—present or future—where everyone can see. If you do, you open yourself up to a lot of crime. For instance, if you announce that you’re taking a week-long trip to Paris, it will signal that your house is empty, making it a tempting target for burglars. If you’ve posted your entire itinerary, you may also be threatened by kidnapping attempts. 

That’s not to say you can’t post on social media about your trip ever. Just wait until you get back before sharing any pictures or describing what you did. This reduces the risk of becoming the victim of a crime. 

2. Tell a Trusted Friend Or Family Member Your Itinerary

While you shouldn’t share your itinerary publicly, it’s advisable to share it with someone you trust before leaving. That way, they know when you are supposed to leave and come back. If something happens and you aren’t back in time, the trusted individual will be able to alert the appropriate authorities or check in with you. 

3. Do Not Use Hotel Safes For Valuables

Many hotels have safes for guests to place their valuables when traveling. However, these items are not as secure as you might think. They are easy for dishonest hotel employees or professional scammers to break into. Instead of using a hotel safe, get yourself a portable travel safe. These are cut-proof and easy to use. 

A picture of travel insurance papers that are for new travelers learning travel safety tips

4. Secure Your Hotel Room

Your hotel room is not as secure as it might seem. A nefarious employee may have a key, or a professional criminal could be ready to break in using a lockpicking kit. That’s why you should always bring security products for hotel stays. Door wedges, alarms, and portable door locks are all great options to bring along with you on your trip. These will help secure your hotel room against individuals with ill intentions. 

5. Keep Your Valuables Close

Always keep your valuables close and watch out for thieves. Many things get stolen because of chance. Thieves see an opening, such as you looking away from your bag while it’s a foot away, and they swoop in. Or perhaps you have the bad habit of placing your phone and cash in your back pocket. A pickpocket may see you distracted, then take advantage of your lapse of attention. So always place your valuables near you, within site, and out of easy reach of criminals. 

6. Stay Sober! 

When you get overexcited and caught up in the moment, you might be tempted to drink a little too much. The Pro Locksmith team advises against overindulging while you’re traveling. When aren’t sober, you may fall for an obvious scam or forget to take security precautions such as locking your hotel room door. 

Keep Your Property Secure While You’re Traveling! 

The team at Pro Locksmith hopes our travel safety tips will help protect you on your next trip. And of course, we are always here to keep your California residence safe while you’re away with our expert locksmith services. Call us for security upgrades and inspections before you leave so we can make sure your property is the way you left it when you come back home. Contact us today for assistance!